Tassels for fun, creative packaging
Tassels for perfume bottles
Tassels for packaging, custom-made
Tassels for packaging, lurex
Tassels for packaging, bags, pillow
Tassels for packaging, pillows
Tassels for packaging, pilows, decoration, bags
Tassels for packaging, pillows, decoration

Tassels offer many creative options to decorate the luxury market in a playful and aesthetic fashion, whether for the finishing of bags, gift boxes, perfume bottles, menus of gourmet restaurants, or even key tassels for the hotel industry.

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Tassels for fun, creative packaging

Add a touch of fun to your packaging with our tassels!

Textile ornaments can be used to add a touch of style and personality to handbags, cushions, curtains, tablecloths and other furnishing items.

They can also be used as home decoration accessories: Christmas decorations, door wreaths, key tassels…
What are their main characteristics?

Elegance: Tassels can embellish a wide variety of creative projects, from jewellery and fashion accessories to clothing fashion.

Ease of use: Tassels are easy to use, whether for gluing, sewing or attaching on bags, the necks of bottles, perfume packaging…

Texture: Tassels can be made with matte or shiny threads, in infinite shapes and sizes.