Our know-how

Ribbon weaving on the industrial weaving machine, weaving loomRibbon weaving, fragment of a woven ribbon, ribbon for packaging


From warping to threading, from twisting to retying, ribbon weaving is a technical and complex profession, where thoroughness is one of the keys to our know-how.
Our manufacturing tool is made up of an efficient and modern business park, allowing us to produce more than 15 million meters per year.

Woven ribbon priming or dyeing, continuous ribbon dyeing machine, dyes are free from harmful substancesRibbon dyeing made in France


All our ribbons are woven in ecru and require a finishing process: priming or dyeing.
Our dyeing processes allow the ribbon to carry the Oeko-Tex certification, in order to guarantee that the dyes are free from harmful substances for the body and the environment.
We master encapsulation to make the ribbon scented with our customers’ own fragrances. The ribbon becomes an olfactory messenger.

Ribbon printing machine, ribbon customization. flat and raised screen printing, sublimation, laser engravingRibbon printing, customised ribbon


Flat and raised screen printing, sublimation… Major French and international brands have chosen to trust the company Rubans HERAUD.

Our production facility allows us to personalize a ribbon by screen printing or laser engraving, from 1000 meters.
Sublimation makes it possible to print ribbons in four colours!

Adhesive application to a woven ribbon on machineAdhesive application to a woven ribbon for textile decals, adhesive multi-component labels

Adhesive application

The HERAUD company has developed a unique process for applying glue to ribbon. Thanks to this technique, we can laminate two ribbons to obtain double-sided ribbons or turn a textile ribbon into an “adhesive tape”.

Adhesive taping of ribbons has allowed us to file an industrial patent allowing the production of textile decals: adhesive multi-component labels.

Ribbon cutting on a machine, laser or ultrasound cutting, half-cut, full cut, straight or bevel cutCustom ribbon cutting


The acquisition of the latest generation laser machinery allows us to produce cut-out shapes with minute precision.
Half-cut or full cut, straight or bevel cut, we can cut using laser or ultrasound technology.

Bespoke customisation, ribbon transformation: tassels, bows, applying of adhesive, placing in bagsBespoke customisation, custom ribbons

Bespoke customisation

Our craft is focused on the client.

We carry out all ribbon and textile accessories’ transformations to order: tassels, bows, applying of adhesive, placing in bags, etc.

Do you have a packaging project?

We can make your packaging ribbons to measure!

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