Adhesive textile stickers and ribbons

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We can make your packaging ribbons to measure!

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Self-adhesive ribbon for luxury packaging and gift-wrapping

Make your packaging designs easier with our self-adhesive ribbon, an innovating solution!

The RUBANS René HERAUD company has developed a unique adhesive process that enables us to apply hot-melt glue directly to the ribbon, whilst regulating its density according to its end use.

This technique makes it possible for a ribbon to be totally or partially adhesive by depositing glue on pre-defined areas.
Using the same principle, we produce adhesive and repositionable textile labels. These labels can be printed or simply laser-engraved.
We custom cut logos or more complex shapes to embellish bottles, boxes, blotter and sachets.
Our adhesive was specifically designed to work with different textile materials: cotton, linen, polyester, lyocell and many others.