"RUBANS René HERAUD" was founded on the outskirts of Saint-Étienne, in the heart of a region devoted to the ribbon industry.


The company establishes its new 3,000 m2 production site in Pont-Salomon in the Haute-Loire.


René HERAUD, the founder of the company, came from a family of ribbon-makers and began manufacturing ribbons for the furniture industry. In the 2000s, he became one of France's leading manufacturers of curtain heading tape, commonly known as "Ruflette".


Boosted by its exponential growth, it builds a new 6,000 m2 factory. The two sites are located in two neighbouring villages: one is dedicated to production and the other to the storage of finished products.


A few years later, with the help of his son Philippe, the company positioned itself in a niche market: standard and elastic velvet ribbons, then in the weaving of ribbon classics: satin, grosgrain, taffeta...


Laurent HERAUD becomes CEO of RUBANS René HERAUD


Today, the company has developed a recognised expertise in the world of narrow weaves and can claims to be 100% made in France.

René HERAUD company team, 45 people on two sites, Haute-Loire department (43), France

Our team

A company on a human scale

The René HERAUD company is a family business that employs 45 people, on two sites located in the east of the “Haute-Loire Department“.

Production is shared between different workshops:
Weaving, made up of a fleet of 80 looms, with a team of weavers, twisters, warpers and weavers.
Specialists in dyeing and printing work to improve the ribbons. These professions require real know-how, integrating chemistry and colorimetry.
The folding workshop packages the ribbons in coupons, haberdashery or industrial reels.

The administrative and commercial service:
Sales administration is carried out by 4 sales secretaries dedicated to France and Export customers, with a presence in the main European countries.
A team of 4 exclusive salespeople is managed by a sales director, who also manages agents located in the main European countries.

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