Cotton touch ribbon

Polymat taffeta ribbon

Polymat taffeta ribbon, PMT ribbon, made in France, cotton touch

Polymat chevron ribbon

Polymat chevron ribbon, V, cotton touch


Tencel ribbon, or Lyocell, woven in France, for eco-friendly packaging
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Cotton touch - the softness of cotton touch ribbon for delicate creations

Tactile comfort and natural texture for authentic projects

Cotton touch ribbon is a type of ribbon that imitates the appearance of cotton. It is usually made from other materials, such as synthetic fibres, and has the advantage of being hot-cut without fraying.

Our cotton touch ribbons can be made from cellulose fibres such as lyocell (wood pulp) or 100% recycled polyester fibres, and have a much lower carbon footprint than cotton, which is a particularly water-intensive fabric.

It is available in a range of colours, widths and patterns to suit different styles and projects.

Cotton touch ribbon can be used to decorate gift packaging, make bows, create borders or trims on clothing, accessories, scrapbooking projects and much more.

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