Trimmings for distinctive packaging
Braid, jute, lurex, ribbons, bracelets, bag handle
Braid, ribbon, packaging
Pompon, decoration, packaging, gift bags, envelopes, gift boxes, jewelry, scent, passementerie
tubular heather braid, packaging
gimps “bridget”, packaging
Piping, trimmings, strap, Lurex, ribbons, packaging
Trim, decoration, boxes, gift bags, packaging, color strips, patterns, textures, fabric, trimmings
border “eight”, packaging
Fringes, ribbons, trimmings, sofa, cotton

Passementerie for packaging includes all the textile ornaments used to enhance a container: candles, cosmetics, scents, etc… Our know-how as a trimmings maker allows us to offer a wide range of hand-made textile items: pompoms, key tassels, tiebacks, braids and fringes.
Our tailor-made service will help you sublimate all your creations.

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Our cords can be woven, braided, knitted or retwisted manually or mechanically.
We favour the…

Tassels for packaging, custom-made


Tassels offer many creative options to decorate the luxury market in a playful and aesthetic…

Trimmings for distinctive packaging

Add a touch of finesse to your creations!

Although trimmings are generally associated with clothing and furnishings, textile accessories are also used in luxury packaging and in the domain of promotional products (gifts, key rings, bookmarks…)
In the context of packaging, trimmings can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

Braids can be used to decorate boxes, gift bags or packaging. They can be fixed around perfume bottle stoppers to create bows or loops.

Tassels can be used as decorative accents on packaging, perfume bottles, scent bottles or candle holders. Our tassels and key tassels are handmade, in small personalised series, for a minimum of 500 units.

Pipings are decorative cords generally used to emphasise the contours of a garment or object. They can be added along the edges of boxes, pouches or envelopes to add an elegant and refined finish.

Fringes can be used to add movement and elegance to packaging. They can be glued or sewn along the edges of boxes or bags for a textile touch.

Natural braids in jute or linen, flat or round, with or without Lurex, can add an authentic touch to your creations.

In addition to our standard products, we also produce bespoke items to suit your own projects.