Ribbon Encapsulation, embedding micro-capsules of perfumes, essential oils or scents on ribbon, scented ribbon for packaging

Encapsulation is a technique whereby a fragrance is added to the mass of a textile ribbon. This method gives the ribbon an attractive and long-lasting sensory experience.

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Scented ribbon for enchanting packaging

Add a touch of delicate fragrance to your creations for a sensory experience

Encapsulation is a method of embedding micro-capsules of perfumes, essential oils or scents, such as rose, lavender, chocolate or cotton candy. The fragrance diffuses naturally and is reactivated by simple friction.
This technique makes it possible to personalise your ribbons with your signature scent and adds an extra dimension to your packaging’s.
Encapsulation allows the creation of infused testers (blotters) and is an opportunity to introduce and test a new perfume, or can be used when launching a new brand or for other events.