Processed ribbons

We support our customers in realising special packaging projects including the transformation of a simple ribbon by turning it into a decorative accessory that will add value to the packaging.

Our printed or none printed ribbons may be worked as butterfly knots, box closure, zipper with tip.

Thanks, our sticking ribbons, our customized repositionable stickers, engraved and/or printed, you will get an easy-going solution to close your boxes.

René Heraud company masters all production steps from the weaving to the end-product.

Gluing process ribbon and sticker

Heraud Rubans has created one unique gluing process that allows laying glue directly over the ribbon. The thickness of the glue layer can be controlled as well, according to the end use of the tape.

This technology will assure the ribbon to be partially or fully sticky by putting layers of glue on specific zones. Hence the sticking power will be continuous or dotted on the tape.

Based on the same concept we create textile stickers that can be repositionable. These stickers may be initially printed or simply laser graved.

We cut logos or various complex designs, on request, for glass bottles decoration, or boxes

Blotters and bags.

In 2017, our company has patented one other unique process that consists in the realization of textile decalcomania.

Thanks this technology we can offer laser cut multi-element stickers that can be positioned on the media by mean of a transparent adhesive film.

These can be used on any kind of media: glass, wood, cardboard, textile, pvc…

Our research & Development department will support you for any project you may like to achieve.

Slitting and engraving

The production of box closure, bracelets, locking tabs, bag handles… can be achieved thanks the cutting process.

Our company owns two performing cutting tools that help processing with our customers’ projects:

The Ultrasound Cutting system helps in doing “made to measure length” with straight or wrinkled cuttings. We also cut our adhesive ribbons fully or partially for covering your packaging.

The Laser Cutting system has a very high slitting accuracy and specific skills that will cut complex designs and patterns. Hence it will avoid the use and development of any specific expensive cutting tool for each project.

We can also do “kiss laser cutting” of our adhesive ribbon versus the “through laser cutting”. This system has the advantage of cutting only the ribbon and not the media on which it has been laid on.

The laser cutting system is one of the most interesting media of communication. Its feature gives the opportunity of making logos and text “kiss cut” or “through cut”.

Custom made Realisations

Heraud Rubans company does support its customers all along the output process until the finalization of the end-product.

Kindly go through the below none exhaustive list of our project realisations:

Made to measure Butterfly knots made out of various kinds of ribbons.
Metallic or plastic tips
Adhesive Zipper
Textile box closure elastic featured.
Fixing of metallic eyelets
Adhesive textile handles.

Kindly contact with our sales team and submit your new projects for customized and innovative solutions.